Saturday, May 25, 2013

Program in Polymer Science and Technology

Program in Polymer Science and Technology

The Program in Polymer Science and Technology (PPST) is an interdisciplinary doctoral program offered jointly by the School of Engineering and the School of Science at MIT. PPST is open to qualified students admitted to the graduate program of one of the following MIT departments: Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Materials Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering.
PPST consists of two phases:
  • Academic Phase

    In the program’s first two semesters, students gain fundamental and advanced knowledge in the field of polymers, from molecular structures to industrial applications. At the end of the two-semester core curriculum, PPST students are examined for doctoral candidacy by a committee of PPST faculty from the four participating academic departments, all of which accept the result of the PPST candidacy exam in place of their departmental qualifying examinations. In subsequent semesters, PPST students take a selection of subjects from their home department’s core graduate academic program to satisfy the PPST minor requirement.
  • Research Phase

    In subsequent semesters, students concentrate on a selected area of polymer research specialization, which culminates in the preparation and defense of a thesis before PPST and departmental faculty.  Procedures for the selection of thesis advisor(s) and composition of the student’s thesis committee are set by the PPST student’s home department.
Successful completion of all PPST program requirements leads to the awarding of a doctoral degree upon the recommendation of the student’s home department.  PPST students have the option to earn a master’s degree through their home departments and various interdepartmental programs at the Institute.